DSD is transforming the way organizations harness clean energy while building a more sustainable future. We have the people, resources and capabilities to handle development, structured financing, construction management and long-term asset ownership.

Powered by Possibility

DSD is the first and only true “one-stop shop” for custom, large-scale commercial, industrial & municipal clean energy solutions.

At DSD, we plan and execute everything: from evaluation to permitting to design/engineering to installation to commissioning and beyond. We have access to competitive financing — and can own, operate and maintain all assets — providing you a risk- and hassle-free experience.

In short, we transform perceived limitations into possibilities. So if you think renewable energy is out of reach for your organization, think again.

Our Mission

Our mission is to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy resources by owning and operating clean energy solutions for our customers.

History of DSD


“GE Solar” is launched at GE

As the company that literally brought generated electricity into American homes, GE has a long been at the forefront of energy innovation. After developing a strong foothold in the wind turbine space toward the end of the “aughts,” GE wanted to start the next decade by expanding into solar — leveraging its legacy of ingenuity to fuel that effort. From that idea, GE Solar was born.


GE Solar establishes its proprietary canopy solution

GE Solar built an in-house team of solar canopy experts who could design and install solutions at a level unmatched by their competitors. By having and controlling those resource in-house, GE Solar was able to shrink inefficiencies, lower costs and mitigate risk. The curved canopies installed at Spaulding Hospital and Seabury Senior Living, in particular, are great examples of these early innovations.


GE solar starts partnering with big brands

With a growing reputation for excellence, GE Solar started to attract serious attention from some of the biggest companies in the U.S. And by offering new flexible financing options (such as PPAs), this six-year-old “startup” started to close deals on major, multi-location projects for brands like The Home Depot, IKEA, Verizon, MGM Springfield, Bishop Ranch and more.


DSD solar energy

GE Solar rebrands as DSD

The company’s next big goal was to have the ability to own the solar assets it developed, so it could provide customers with friendly financing arrangements. GE Solar sought a financial partner that could help provide the capital to support this mission. A partnership was formed with BlackRock Real Assets, in which BlackRock became the majority investor. With a new ambition and a new ownership group to pursue it, the company needed a new identity. From that, DSD Renewables was born.


DSD raises initial $250M in project funding

To further support clients with flexible funding — including zero-upfront options — DSD created a $250M project development fund, financed by its partners at Morgan Stanley, Silicon Valley Bank and Fifth Third Bank. This enabled DSD to fund a portfolio of new distributed generation projects through 2020 and expand its coast-to-coast solar project footprint. Additional capital raises would eventually expand to $785M in funding.


BlackRock Real Assets acquires remaining share of DSD

In his January 2020 letter to CEOs, BlackRock’s Larry Fink wrote, “Our investment conviction is that sustainability- and climate-integrated portfolios can provide better risk-adjusted returns to investors.” BlackRock supported that conviction by acquiring the remaining interest in DSD later that year. The investment was made through BlackRock’s $1.65B Global Renewable Power II Fund (“GRP II”).


DSD shows big stats in its first decade

Fueled by ample capital and the most innovative staff in the renewables industry, DSD closed 2021 — and almost its first full decade in business — with combined assets that generated more than 240GWh of clean electricity. Not too shabby. 😊


DSD triples its solar capacity and staff

As the company celebrated its 10-year anniversary — its third as “DSD Renewables” — it had achieved triple the number of C&I megawatts developed and deployed from three years before. And to date, DSD has raised over $1 billion in funding to support its growth and customers’ energy needs, expanding its solar footprint to 22 states.

a trusted, experienced partner

To date, the DSD team has developed hundreds of projects nationwide, and has tripled in growth since 2019. And, because of our unparalleled financial partnerships, DSD can eliminate the high-cost barrier to entry. For forward-thinking organizations that are serious about making the transition to solar, there is no other company that can take you from Point A to Point Z as seamlessly and successfully as DSD.

“DSD evolved our operations efforts with a beautiful solution that dramatically lowered our energy costs and reduced our carbon emissions.”

DAvid Hawkins, The Home Depot
David Hawkins
VP Labor and Operations
The Home Depot

Who we Serve

Commercial & Industrial Enterprises

Whether you’re interested in onsite or offsite solar, storage, EV charging infrastructure, we have a solution that meets your unique needs. We’ll evaluate your site and develop a solution that provides the most value to your organization and helps hit your sustainability goals.

Municipalities & Communities

Our municipal customers find tremendous value in being able to provide their community with lower energy costs while simultaneously hitting renewable energy benchmarks. Whether they leverage local community solar programs or the benefits of onsite solar, municipalities can see savings on day 1, with zero upfront capital.

Strategic Developer & Financial Partners

At DSD we know we can’t have a significant impact on climate change without partnering with other developers around the country to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy assets. We also know financial institutions are looking for ways to invest more sustainably. We take a unique and creative approach to our partnerships to deliver value to all stakeholders.


DSD is comprised of solar energy experts who are accelerating the deployment of renewable energy. Our leadership team will guide every step of your energy transformation process.
Erik Schiemann

Erik Schiemann

Chief Executive Officer

Jenny Gerrard

Jenny Gerrard

General Counsel

Eric Pollock

Eric Pollock

Chief Commercial Officer

Gregory Manning

Gregory Manning

VP, Human Resources

Gregory Fabso

Gregory Fabso

Chief Financial Officer

Ben Jones

Ben Jones

Executive VP, Product Innovation

Jamie Hutson

Jamie Hutson

Chief Investment Officer

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