Flattening the Obstacles

DSD accelerates the deployment of renewable energy for organizations that want and need it. There is no project too complicated. Our in-house expert teams handle everything from planning and zoning to engineering and design to installation to maintenance. And, we have the financial capacity to develop projects with funding secured.

At a time when the world needs to dramatically shift its climate trajectory, the most important thing we can do is flatten the obstacles that prevent forward-thinking organizations to harness the renewable energy resources they seek.

DSD CO2 Reduction

5M+ lbs CO2 Offset

Over $1Bi. Project Fund

DSD 120+ Year Legacy

Unparalleled Ingenuity

Powered By Possibility

DSD is an organization unlike any other in the renewables industry. We are the first and only true “one-stop shop” for large-scale, custom solar PV and energy storage solutions. We have the people, resources and culture to transcend any challenge … and achieve things you hadn’t even imagined. Our mission is to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy resources — for the benefit of our clients and the greater world. At DSD, there’s no such thing as “just a project.” We see every project is an opportunity to make a transformational difference. That’s why, when you work with DSD, the possibilities are limitless.

We do it all.

DSD handles absolutely everything — from design to engineering to the solution build-out, plus all the needed supporting management to see the project through. We provide financing, as well; and can offer ownership, operation and maintenance of all assets, to provide you a risk- and hassle-free experience.

Change in the Air

Clean solar is now the cheapest energy in history. The world’s leading companies are embracing renewables, in record numbers. What was once an intriguing idea has become the very real solution our planet needs. DSD invites you to join us in building a new future — for your organization, and the planet.

A Trusted, Experienced Partner

To date, the DSD team has developed hundreds of projects nationwide, with over 3GW of collective development experience. And, because of our singular financial partnerships, DSD can also eliminate the high-cost barrier to entry. For forward-thinking organizations that are serious about making the transition to solar, there is no other company that can take you from Point A to Point Z as seamlessly and successfully as DSD.

Vision Put into Practice

By combining the powers of DSD’s leading development and operating capability, BlackRock’s financial strength and investment expertise, and, of course, the innovation and legacy of GE, we’re leading the charge in creating a new future for clean commercial, industrial and municipal energy.

Ready to take the first step​?

Getting started is easier than you think. Our renewables experts are here to help.