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“DSD is a company powered by ingenuity. We’re literally working, each day, to change the world for the better — and looking for creative, energetic people to join us on that mission.”

Erik Schiemann, CEO

Where We Are

DSD has three office hubs — in New York City, Schenectady and Bay Area — but our staff is set up to work remotely. So you have the flexibility to drive change from just about anywhere.

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What Drives Us

01 Be part of something greater.

What you do every day has an impact beyond you. Your actions can contribute to happier, energized, more-creative co-workers … clients who save money, reduce waste and contribute to an improved global ecosystem … and family & friends who get to enjoy you at your best when the workday ends.

02 Give it absolutely everything.

Nothing great ever comes easy. That’s why all-out execution is expected every hour of every day. We never take short cuts, and never relax our efforts until the job is done — and done right. Transformative solar solutions are supposed to be hard to pull off; if they weren’t, everyone would do it.

03 Work as if everybody is watching.

Trust is the foundation of every strong relationship. And every great company is built on relationships. When you put others’ best interests at heart, and are mindful about your choices, you have nothing to hide. Be up front and open about everything you do … or, think twice about what you’re doing.

04 Get out of your comfort zone.

Greatness is born from difficulty. So push yourself. Dare to suggest something that’s never been tried before. Take calculated risks — and be okay when some don’t work out. Even a failed attempt can be an opportunity to learn … and, hence, sow the seed of a success you harvest in the future.

05 Embrace the power of diversity.

DSD is building a diverse and inclusive workplace, welcoming people of all races, backgrounds, affiliations, gender identities and sexual orientations. We believe a team of individuals who see things differently can challenge each other to think beyond assumptions — and break down all kinds of barriers.

Ingenious Benefits

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Paid medical, vision
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