Why DSD is actively looking to acquire solar energy projects

By, Eric Pollock / Published on March 16, 2021

During the second half of 2020, DSD acquired six community solar portfolios, totaling 53.8 megawatts (MW) of capacity. Our team understands the vast growth currently happening in the industry. We see plenty of firms with solid development track records that are seeking a partner who can offer both good value for the assets they develop and execute a transaction efficiently.

Although DSD has full development capabilities in-house, we see value in working with quality firms who have Pre-NTP, or NTP ready assets. With DSD’s backing by BlackRock and committed project funds raised through 2022, we are in a prime position to be that trusted long-term partner. DSD remains committed to our asset acquisitions strategy in 2021 and beyond.

Before launching our efforts to evaluate and price portfolios last year, we established a team of experienced professionals that are 100% committed to project acquisitions – and that has served the company well. During the second half of 2020 we were able to acquire projects across three states, all of which have been community solar projects serving local communities.

Although the transactions in 2020 were all community solar, we remain flexible and have appetite to acquire more traditional projects in the commercial and industrial space, as well as small utility scale projects.

DSD solar energy

Project acquisitions from 2020 include a portfolio acquired from Oak Leaf Energy Partners in Colorado and four roof top community solar projects in Massachusetts. And DSD was very active in its home state of New York, closing on three separate transactions, including one portfolio in Lenox, NY, and another acquired from Source Renewables.

DSD continues to see community solar gaining traction and expanding into new states. According to CCSA, community solar has nearly doubled on average every year for the last decade, and DSD plans to be part of this continued adoption. That growth is fueled by a confluence of policy and market forces. Twenty states plus Washington, D.C. have favorable community solar policies, and 19 additional states have some form of community solar program in place. As these programs grow, they will continue to replace virtual net metering.

With DSD’s backing by BlackRock and committed project funds raised through 2022, we are in a prime position to be that trusted long-term partner.

Although DSD is well-positioned with our capital partners, we also see the opportunity to further our industry’s continued expansion within distributed generation. We continually see developers who can benefit from a strong acquisition partner that can deliver beyond the close of the transaction. I believe our team at DSD is positioned to offer confidence that we will follow through as planned.

We understand developers have options, and we accept that. Where we strive to be different is in the value of our offer in addition to the transparency, professionalism and follow through required to earn a second transaction.

The bottom line: We’ve never been in a better position to transform energy production and make solar more accessible for all. We’re actively looking for new partners who are developing portfolios in the five to 50+ MWs range. DSD has interest in evaluating and pricing portfolios consisting of C&I, community solar or utility direct assets, and we are interested in getting to know new firms and earning their business.

Please send me a message if you think DSD can be a trusted partner for your firm.

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