Solutions With Case Study Links

Solutions With Case Study Links

Your facilities have their own unique energy challenges, which deserve a one-of-a-kind renewable energy solution. That’s why, at DSD, we assume a product-agnostic, innovation-first approach that delivers real, sustainable economic results.

canopy and carport configurations


DSD’s solar canopy and carport configurations are best-in-class, delivering superior aesthetics for parking lot, garage-top and land coverage applications — all with minimized impact to operations. Canopy Installations: Partners, Seabury, MGM, CSCU

solar foundation


Our rooftop applications are specially designed to consider building structural integrity, rooftop lifespan and mounting/ attachment options, as well as environmental factors such as snow and wind. Rooftop Installations: CSCU

solar foundation
solar energy


Ideal for large applications — such as capped landfills, brownfield redevelopment and agricultural — our ground-mounted solar power solutions are born from a rigorous design and geotechnical process. Ground Mount Installations: Partners, Seabury, CSCU

energy storage solutions

Energy Storage

DSD deploys battery storage as a fully integrated offering to derive optimal value from your solar power configuration. Our PV storage solutions are tailored to your unique consumption pattern and electric tariff.

energy storage solutions

DSD Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

DSD Stunning Design

Stunning Design

DSD Dramatic Design

Dramatic Savings

Clean Energy

Prepare to move forward into a new era of energy. One of dramatically lower energy costs and staggeringly lower carbon waste. All driven by a custom clean-energy solution born from

a 120+ Year Legacy of Innovation.

Bolstering Your Bottom Line


Capital Expense Upfront

Owner accrues Incentives

Maintenance By Owner


kWh Produced Monthly Operational Expense

Incentives Monetized in PPA

Maintenance Included


Incremental revenue source
for your facility

Customer and employee benefits

Turnkey development and maintenance

We offer numerous flexible finance options, from cash purchases to Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). Our PPAs allow us to build out your solar power solution with no money down. Plus, they lock in a low, predetermined price for every kilowatt-hour of electricity your solar panels generate, which is guaranteed for 25 years.

Make the switch in 2020 & take advantage of

the full 26% Solar Tax Credit.