Earn more revenue from your properties.

Solar installations can open new revenue streams from your properties. The ROI is clear. Installation is hassle-free. It’s also cost-free. Plus, you can reduce energy costs for tenants, increase your property value, and support your sustainability goals.

Explore the opportunity.

1 minute on the value of solar leases.

Contribute to net-zero targets and ESG reporting requirements without getting into the energy business.

The demand for solar has never been higher:

In fact, 45% of all new electricity-generating capacity added in the U.S. last year was solar.


of all new electricity-generating capacity

Now here’s where demand meets supply:

0billion sq ft
Across the U.S., REIT properties have an estimated 3.5 billion square feet of roof space available for solar generation. On top of that, think of all the parking areas that could benefit from canopy solar systems.

How much opportunity are you sitting on?

The benefit of leasing your space to solar:

Create additional revenue streams

Advance your sustainability/ESG goals

Increase your property value(s)

Reduce your energy costs

Show your commitment to sustainability

Pay nothing for the solar asset itself

Rooftop solar is easier than you may think.

  • Will solar damage my roof?
  • Will I have access to roof equipment?
  • What if I sell my business?
  • Will the construction disrupt my business?

Transform your rooftops & parking lots into opportunities.

After DSD’s built solar installations in 9 different locations — including parking garages and an ice-skating rink — the City of White Plains, NY, now earns about $1 million each year in lease payments. Residents and local businesses can earn discounts on their energy bills. And, the citizens of the City can plainly see, every day, the contribution they’re making in rolling back climate change.

Organizations leasing their real estate spaces to DSD:

States with the biggest opportunities for solar leasing:

DSD Community Solar Outlook

“DSD was able to design a solution that maximizes energy production while providing covered parking, with water and ice management, to protect customers and employees while creating a recurrent revenue from the lease to UBS [The Source’s owner].” 

Dan O’Brien
Vice President Direct Origination, DSD
on the solar parking canopy built at The Source at White Plains (shopping center)

Explore the opportunity.

Do you own real estate properties in any of the states above? Reach out to DSD today for a quote on a solar lease.