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2021 is the year.

If you’re seriously considering solar for your organization, this is the year. The federal government has extended its 26% solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). A new future — of slashed energy costs & a minimal carbon footprint — is yours to create. It’s time to explore what’s possible.

Who trusts us.

Powered by Ingenuity.

GE created the energy industry. Distributed Solar Development (DSD) — incubated and launched at GE — continues that singular, 120+ year legacy of ingenuity.

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Solar, by the numbers.


Your financing is covered, in-house.

By partnering with financial powerhouse BlackRock — and raising a $250M fund with other strategic partners — we eliminate the high-cost barrier to entry and make clean energy a “no brainer” for progressive businesses. This approach allows customers to adopt renewable energy at low rates and no upfront investment. Read more.

“Our alternative energy projects are important elements of our sustainability and operations efforts as they reduce carbon emissions while also lowering our energy costs.”

David Hawkins
VP Labor and Operations
The Home Depot

“DSD created a solution that was precisely what we needed, one that we couldn’t have imagined in advance.”

Michael Mathis
MGM Springfield

“DSD thought about energy-cost reduction and the impact on our operations — which made them the ideal partner for us.”

Renée J. Bernasconi
President & CEO

Make your move.

It’s time to seriously consider renewables for your organization. Take the first step now.