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Slash your electricity costs in NJ —
with TRECs.

Businesses in New Jersey can now take advantage of a new state incentive called Transition Renewable Energy Credits (or, “TRECs”). TRECs offer a low fixed price for solar produced energy, guaranteed for a full 15 years. Your organization can benefit from a steep power-cost discount or open a new recurring revenue stream by hosting the system. The choice is yours. But the TRECs program is only temporary.

TRECs: A Primer

Change in the Air

Fortune 100

Big Business is driving Solar’s adoption.

What was once an intriguing idea has become the very real solution our planet needs. 63% of the Fortune 100 is embracing renewables. Solar is now the cheapest energy in history. And clean energies, like solar, are slated to add almost 100-trillion dollars to the global economy over the next 30 years.

Solar, by the numbers.

Addition by subtraction.

The widespread adoption of solar energy has reduced as much CO2 as planting 1 billion new trees. Your brand can help add to that reduction — while saving you millions in energy spend.

1 billion new trees

Your financing is
a non-issue.

By partnering with financial powerhouse BlackRock — and raising private funds with other strategic partners — DSD eliminates the high-cost barrier to entry. You can build your renewable energy solution with zero upfront investment.

Your transformation is seamless.

You can also choose to offset ownership to us. That means DSD assumes the responsibility, maintenance & upkeep — while you enjoy reduced energy costs that are guaranteed for 25 years. Our goal is to make your energy transformation seamless.

DSD evolved our operations efforts with a beautiful solution that dramatically lowered our energy costs and reduced our carbon emissions.”

David Hawkins
VP Labor and Operations
The Home Depot

“Our solar solution not only has a positive impact on the planet, it has a positive impact on our bottom line.

jenniferkeessonJennifer Keesson
Sustainability Manager

With the DSD Team, I have one company covering all aspects of the solar program and a performance and equipment guarantee. All in one package.”

Mike Adams

Mike Adams
Adams Group

“DSD created a solution that was precisely what we needed, one that we couldn’t have imagined in advance.”

Michael Mathis
MGM Springfield

“DSD’s resources and talent will add to [our project’s] long-term value. We look forward to partnering on other projects in the future.”

Andrew Day
Source Renewables

Make your move.

It’s time to seriously consider renewables for your organization. Take the first step now.