Broadening solar’s scope & impact

How DSD helped The Home Depot significantly expand its rooftop solar energy program across multiple locations throughout multiple sites across the U.S.


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The Challenge

When The Home Depot decided to expand its renewable energy program — as part of its ambitious corporate climate initiative — the bar was set high. Leadership aimed to broaden solar energy usage across the east coast: starting with dozens of installations across store locations in New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland and Washington, DC.

DSD’s rooftop arrays are just one part of The Home Depot’s ever-expanding ESG goals.

The Execution

Prepping and designing solar arrays for 27 locations required a comprehensive and detailed cross-team effort. But in the process, DSD identified opportunities for improvement within existing sites’ infrastructure, which enabled numerous highly impactful operational upgrades.

DSD gathered data on local grid interaction and onsite plant production — as well as detailed weather tracking sensor data — which would prove critical to optimizing long-term energy usage across locations. Through that due diligence, DSD was also able to offer a unique financing solution that delivered additional value.

The Solution


Every rooftop is unique. And every rooftop project comes with a slew of considerations: shape and slope; weight-bearing capacity; roof-damage remediation; water runoff; etc. When you’re dealing with multiple roofs across multiple locations, the details can be complicated. Which is why it’s critical to work with a solar developer that comes with the experience and processes you can trust. 

The Outcome

On the strength of the first 27 store installations, The Home Depot expanded the project to 69 more stores and 2 distribution centers across 4 additional states: Massachusetts, New York, California and Illinois. Thus far, DSD has completed 35MW of rooftop solar, delivering an immediate impact in Home Depot’s operation.

The Impact

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“DSD evolved our operations efforts with a beautiful solution — designed specifically for our needs — that dramatically lowered our energy costs and reduced our carbon emissions.”

David Hawkins, The Home Depot
David Hawkins
VP Labor & Operations
The Home Depot

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