A play where everybody wins

How DSD and YSG Solar teamed up with Sofive to breathe new life into an abandoned warehouse, providing solar energy solutions (and soccer!) to a wanting community.


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0renewable energy per year
0saved via sales tax exemptions

The Challenge

YSG Solar, a solar solutions company based in New York, was looking for a special project: something that could be a win-win for all involved. They found it in an unassuming Brooklyn neighborhood. An old warehouse, which used to produce cast iron, was without a tenant — or a sturdy roof. But because it was located in an IRS-designated Opportunity Zone, and because of benefits provided by New York Local Laws 96 and 97, it held a lot of potential. The warehouse owner needed a new tenant; and the neighborhood wanted a reliable way to access clean energy.

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Brooklyn Neighborhood
DSD SoFive Rooftop Solar

The Solution

YSG put together a proposal to repair the roof and install a new solar array atop it — which would provide renewable energy benefits not just to the new tenant, but to the surrounding community. DSD was selected as the ideal community solar partner to own, operate and facilitate the subscription management for the rooftop solar array. Sofive, an indoor soccer company, rented the space to build a new soccer facility, serving families in and around the surrounding neighborhoods.

Under DSD’s ownership, the warehouse owner gets a reliable source of revenue from DSD for leasing their roof. The new tenant, Sofive, is the major offtaker of the solar project, and will utilize approximately 30% of the energy produced on-site. The remaining energy will be sold to the grid, giving single family homes and small businesses in the community that subscribe to the project access to the benefits of clean energy, including lower energy costs.

Brooklyn / Sofive Community Solar Rooftop / 763kW

The Outcome


DSD’s 763 kW rooftop installation produces 925,900 kWh annually. Sofive and the community are now leveraging access to clean, renewable energy at reduced rates and because the project created jobs and brings the community together , the NYCEDC provided roughly $80K in sales tax exemptions — which made it a win-win, indeed.

The Impact

0of CO2 offset each year
0of waste recycled instead of landfilled each year (carbon equivalent)
0of gasoline not consumed each year (carbon equivalent)

“We are excited East New York residents will reap the financial, environmental and recreational benefits from this project for years to come.”

Rachel Loeb
President and CEO
New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC)

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