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How DSD’s solar solutions created revenue opportunity and added new amenities, without losing any parking space.


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The Challenge

J.P. Morgan Global Alternatives, Toll Brothers, Inc. and Black Bear Energy issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) targeting a partner to develop and install a community solar project at Carraway Apartments. Carraway is a luxury apartment complex in Harrison, New York, owned by a joint venture between Toll Brothers and institutional investors advised by J.P. Morgan Global Alternatives.

The challenge was finding the right provider that could deliver a project that generates substantial clean energy and offers significant value without sacrificing parking availability.

DSD’s deep expertise with parking garage canopies and strong funding capabilities to finance community solar projects made it uniquely qualified for the job, and DSD was awarded the project.

The Solution

Through lease structures, J.P. Morgan and Toll Brothers’ property hosts the community solar projects. For the rooftop installation, DSD used a ballasted mount to keep the current roof intact and mitigate leaks. The panels were situated to allow easy access for maintenance or repairs needed on any of the rooftop equipment.

The complex’s two-tiered parking garage is nestled between residential apartments, creating a design challenge. The DSD team was able to maximize the available parking area and minimize the structure’s overall height, while maintaining optimal production. DSD’s dedicated in-house canopy design and engineering team created a solution that increased deck coverage and solar production while facilitating stormwater runoff. The design didn’t sacrifice any parking spaces and by leveraging DSD’s proprietary water and ice management technology, residents and their vehicles are protected from the elements, as is the parking deck itself.





The Execution

Construction on the arrays was mobilized in April of 2021 and mechanically completed within nine months despite staggered equipment delivery. DSD was able to secure racking on-site quickly, allowing for construction to commence and seamlessly continue once canopy steel arrived, saving the disruption of construction starts and stops. The project entered into commercial operation in April 2022.

Throughout construction, DSD worked closely with Toll Brothers and the onsite Carraway team to ensure minimal disruption to residents. To connect the solar system to the electrical grid, the site required a complete power outage of the complex. DSD needed to route cabling, demolish a significant amount of concrete, lay conduit, and pull wire prior to the power outage.  The teams managed to complete all of this in no more than a couple of hours, limiting the impact on residents’ day-to-day routine.


This installation provides the property owners with a secured, incremental revenue source for the next 20 years.

The Outcome

Through creative design and engineering, DSD was able to maximize the usable parking space for residents while providing protection from the elements, as well as optimize the integrity of the building’s roof. These onsite solar installations exemplify Carraway’s commitment to sustainability, while also providing tenants and the broader community access to the benefits of affordable, clean energy. Forty percent of the offtake will go to a commercial tenant anchor, while the remaining 60% will go to community residents and small businesses, providing them with a 10% discount on their electricity bills.


The combined community solar installation produces 1,455,831 kWh per year, which is equivalent to:


0CO2 avoided annually


0off the street/year


0of U.S. Forest sequestering CO2 each year

“DSD provided a solution that maximized the energy production generated per square foot, while adding value to the properties with DSD’s water and ice management technology.”

Ben JonesBen Jones
SVP, Canopy Design & Engineering
DSD Renewables

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