Transforming the way retail works

How DSD is helping IKEA Retail U.S. reach its ambitious goal of being powered by 100% renewable energy in less than five years.


The Challenge

In 2012, IKEA announced an ambitious new initiative to become a circular and climate positive business by 2030. This was to include, as well, being powered by 100% renewable energy across all its retail operations by 2025. Such plans require big thinking … and accelerated action. Enter DSD.

The Execution

DSD went to work designing unique solar solutions for eight IKEA Retail U.S. locations across CA and MD. At each location, rooftop units needed to convert a spectacular amount of energy to meet their carbon offset goals. Plus, a minimalist carport structure was required to open loads of space for parking.

The Solution


Carport / Canopy

EV Charging

Energy Storage

The Outcome

When complete, these solar arrays will collectively provide nearly 11GwH of clean energy production each year. Five locations will leverage energy storage systems (ESS) to store solar energy for later use — which makes clean energy available whenever it’s needed, lowering “peak usage” from the grid.

The Impact

“Working with DSD has been absolutely amazing.
From a culture and value point of view, we align well.”

Mikko Kolkkanen
Market Manager, IKEA Baltimore