Offsetting carbon emissions in an energy-intensive industry

How Caesars Entertainment is reducing their carbon footprint and advancing their sustainability goals while delivering value to the local community.

Case Study

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99Canopy garage top solar installations

The Challenge

As an organization in an energy-intensive industry, with locations throughout the U.S., Caesars Entertainment has long been committed to environmental stewardship. Reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) is a key element of Caesars’ sustainability goals to reduce their direct and indirect emissions by 35% by 2025 and 100% by 2050. Caesars is one of the first in the gaming industry to commit to science-based targets developed by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

To help achieve these goals, Caesars sought a strong solar and financing partner to offset a portion of their energy consumption with onsite renewables at their Atlantic City, NJ locations. The biggest challenge with these projects was to find a creative partner with strong design and engineering capabilities to deploy the biggest solar system possible within the available real estate under the existing site challenges in this dense urban area of New Jersey.

DSD Caesars Atlantic City, NJ

“Our partnership with DSD plays a pivotal role in helping us adopt measures to minimize our carbon footprint. These projects in Atlantic City exemplify our pursuit to integrate more clean energy resources into our business and implement onsite renewables across our portfolio nationally while delivering real value locally to the communities in which we operate.”

Eric Dominguez
SVP of Engineering & Asset Management
Caesars Entertainment

DSD Caesars Entertainment Atlantic City, NJ

The Solution

To build projects directly on the ground would have entailed steep costs due to Caesars’ facilities being built on the former Atlantic City landfill. As a result, DSD chose to design, develop and construct canopies on the parking garages.

There were many factors to consider when designing the solar canopies — such as the existing structural layout, building heights, and close proximity to the coast within hurricane territory. To account for the added layers of complexity, DSD’s in-house canopy team created custom engineering designs that were tailored to accommodate increased wind load and risk factors, with structural connections that allow steel and electrical systems to be elevated and protected from storms.

By financing the project through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with a secure partner like DSD, Caesars also avoided having to expend any capital. As a result, they have a longer-term period to gain a return on their investment, while also seeing cost savings within the first year of system operation.

The Execution

To accommodate Caesars’ 24/7 casino operations, thoughtful construction schedules were crafted to ensure minimal disruption — and zero necessary shutdowns — to employees and customers. Construction on the four projects began in June 2022 and achieved mechanical completion in June 2023, resulting in garage top solar canopies being installed above the Caesars Atlantic City garage and Harrah’s self-park and valet garages totaling 7.5 MW.

DSD Caesars Atlantic City, NJ
DSD Caesars Entertainment Atlantic City, NJ

The Outcome

Caesars is one of the largest customers of Atlantic City Electric — the local utility in Atlantic City — and these solar projects will produce approximately 9,376,491 kWh of clean energy each year and offset approximately 6% of Caesars’ energy needs for the resort properties in the area. This takes the energy load off the utility and makes energy resources available for other customers.

The canopies provide shaded parking for staff and customers and reduce snow removal costs. In addition to the direct benefit to customers and employees, Caesars wanted to use union labor across this entire project to ensure local jobs were created, so the state and local community would also benefit from these projects. DSD and Caesars Entertainment continue to expand their partnership bringing solar to other facilities in different states advancing Caesars’ goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

The Impact

0CO2 avoided annually (est.)
0Supplied with electricity for one year
0Taken off the street each year (carbon equivalent)

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