DSD Helps Verizon Move Toward Net-Zero Operational Emissions

DSD is helping Verizon approach net-zero operational emissions by executing 11 solar energy projects totaling 13.6 MW.

What DSD’s Asset-Backed Securitization Means for Community Solar

Solar asset-backed securities represent a growing opportunity to package assets originated by solar developers into diverse portfolios. They also offer opportunities for investors to deploy capital into renewable energy at scale.

DSD Acquires 11.8 MW Community Solar-Plus-Storage Project from New Leaf Energy [Press Release]

DSD has acquired a community solar-plus-storage project in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, to provide lower-cost electricity to the local community, including those in low-income areas.

DSD Partners With PanelClaw to Mitigate Solar Supply Chain Disruptions [Press Release]

DSD has signed an agreement with PanelClaw, a leading U.S. manufacturer of solar panel mounting systems, to supply panel racking for a forthcoming 150 MW portfolio.

DSD and The Home Depot to Install 13 MW Solar Portfolio in California [Press Release]

DSD has expanded its relationship with The Home Depot, with a new solar portfolio that will bring 13 megawatts (MW) of rooftop solar to 25 store locations in California.

The Versatility, and Possibility, of Energy Storage

Energy storage is just a backup that provides energy when the sun is down, right? On the contrary, it offers much more — flexibility, cost savings, even a potential new revenue stream.


3Qs with Audrey Walker

Companies can spend up to millions, or even billions, of dollars directly on energy each year. Yet many organizations see energy as merely a cost to be managed — as opposed to an enormous opportunity to create new value. We spoke with our own Audrey Walker about how...

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