A singular approach to solar carports.


A solar carport is a great way to show your commitment to the planet from the moment your visitors pull into the parking lot.

Solar energy generated from a carport can offset up to 75% of a store’s energy use.

It also improves the shopping experience by protecting customers from rain, snow and ice, as well as heat from the sun.

It also impacts your staff.
Current research shows that retail workers are taking an increased interest in sustainable practices.

Your solar carport will show them that you do, too.


For many solar developers, a canopy project is just a job. They outsource to fill gaps. They make promises during an RFP and figure out the details later.

But to the people at DSD, there’s no such thing as “just a project.” Our mission is to accelerate the deployment of renewables for the benefit of our clients and the greater world — which means every project is an opportunity to make a transformational difference. To make that kind of impact, you have to be all in. And when you’re all in, the possibilities are endless.

We work at the cutting edge of technology and will work with you to build the best solution for your specific needs.

Solutions like:

Long Span
Canopy Designs

Canopy Designs

Parking Garage

Canopy Designs



Dual-Tilt Canopy Designs

Long Span Canopy Designs

Parking Garage Canopies

Curved Canopy Designs

Lighting Design


DSD designs and installs multi-location solar solutions throughout the U.S.

And, we have deep purchasing relationships with the best providers in the industry.

Bottom line.

Between our in-house expertise and our external resources, DSD can offer a level of expertise, speed and cost-efficiency that others can’t.

Your dedicated DSD team will simplify the complexity of the process. From the beginning, we …

Guide you
seamlessly through
planning and zoning

Work with you to
prep for a smooth and efficient installation

Support you through
every step, to ensure
efficiency and
peace of mind

We’ll then streamline the development and site management process, to …

  • Minimize disruption to operations during construction
  • Ensure open/unblocked signage
  • Create clear paths to entrances and exits — to keep your staff & visitors safe
  • Leverage dedicated project managers to ensure efficiency


There’s a reason so many trusted brands have come to DSD to explore their carport options.

If you’re ready to explore what’s possible

for your store or campus, we welcome your call.

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