DSD Media Toolkit


DSD is a hub for the distributed renewable energy industry with unparalleled in-house expertise and strategic partnerships across the U.S. We deploy solar, storage, and EV charging infrastructure to our commercial, industrial, and municipal customers.

The DSD Media Toolkit is an online resource to support the deployment and implementation of sustainability and net zero goals of our customers and partners. If you are interested in any external communications with DSD, the first step is to reach out to DSD’s Marketing and Communications Team.


DSD Team Contacts

Meghan Gainer
VP Marketing & Communications
Email Meghan

Sarah Gorey
Senior Manager, Communications
Email Sarah

Sarah Tchechel
Senior Manager, Marketing
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Mission, Vision, Purpose

Our Mission is to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy resources by owning and operating clean energy solutions for our customers and partners.

Our Vision is a more sustainable future powered by distributed renewable energy.

Our Purpose is to create renewable energy solutions to sustainably and economically solve customers’ energy challenges; in doing so, directly combating climate change while earning a return on investment.

Our Shared Values

We deliver on our commitments and take accountability for our actions.

We tackle every hurdle with tenacity and rigorous execution.

We find innovative paths forward to uncover what is possible.

We understand and put the needs of others first.

Press Documents

DSD Boilerplate

About DSD Renewables

DSD Renewables (DSD) is a renewable energy solutions platform enabling a more sustainable future by deploying and operating renewable energy solutions, making solar, storage, and EV charging infrastructure more accessible to commercial, industrial, and municipal partners. With in-house expertise, a broad scope of capabilities, and the proprietary DSD Connect Platform, our team provides resources to industry partners and customers across the US, accelerating the deployment and scale of renewable energy to meet aggressive sustainability and net-zero goals. To learn more, visit DSDRenewables.com and connect with us on LinkedInInstagram, and Facebook.

Brand Identity

Members of DSD’s Developer Network can access the Authorized Developers badge and badge guidelines on DSD Connect.

Social Media

Social Media Guidelines

Tag @distributed-solar-development on LinkedIn, or @DSDRenewables on Facebook and Instagram in your social media posts to notify DSD’s team if you would like us to help promote your post.

Best practices for social content:

  • Focus on the customer and the unique solutions provided
  • Use engaging photography that reflects the narrative
  • Have a strong perspective and speak authentically
  • Focus on realistic accomplishments and industry differentiators
  • Avoid jargon and speaking in a hyperbolic tone

Photo & Video Library

Any photo(s) used must include the caption “Photo courtesy of DSD Renewables.”