DSD Helps Verizon Move Toward Net-Zero Operational Emissions

DSD Renewables (DSD) is transforming the way organizations harness clean energy while building a more sustainable future. Backed by world-leading financial partners like BlackRock Real Assets, and rooted in our founding at GE, our team brings a distinct combination of ingenuity, rigor and accountability to every renewable energy project we manage, acquire, own and maintain.

Verizon is a leader in innovation in the telecom space and has set a goal to achieve net-zero operational emissions by 2035. This includes the intermediate steps of sourcing or generating renewable energy equivalent to 50% of its total annual electricity consumption by 2025, and sourcing renewable energy equivalent to 100% of its annual electricity usage by 2030.

336 kW rooftop solar at Verizon Sacramento, CA

To help meet these goals, Verizon selected DSD to develop three projects totaling 3.3 MW of solar capacity. Those initial projects included canopy, rooftop and ground-mount solar, and came with some big challenges.

First, the sites required our designers and engineers to work within some tight design constraints. Second, installations had to be planned and executed across two states on either side of the country — New Jersey and California — so clear communication and excellent project management were paramount for all parties.

We are honored to be recognized for helping bring Verizon closer to its ambitious renewable energy.

To date, DSD has designed and installed 10 solar projects in five states for Verizon, with an eleventh project scheduled to come online, in Garden City, NY, in March 2023.

The 11 solar installations collectively enable 13.6 MW of total solar power, generating an estimated 18,086,800 kWh of solar energy annually. That’s the carbon equivalent of 14.2 million pounds of coal left unused or 2,762 cars taken off the street each year.

Based on the collaboration and DSD’s success in installing the solar projects, Verizon honored DSD with the company’s 2021 Supplier Environmental Excellence Award.

“We are honored to be recognized for helping bring Verizon closer to its ambitious renewable energy goals and look forward to growing the relationship,” says Eric Pollock, Chief Commercial Officer at DSD. “Verizon has displayed a strong vision for sustainability and is demonstrating a commitment to reducing its climate impact through action.”

1,864 kW canopy at Verizon Basking Ridge, NJ

To date, Verizon announced that it has installed 31.5 MW of clean energy in the U.S., getting closer to its commitment of net-zero operational emissions by 2035. DSD is proud that our solar installations are an important contribution towards that effort.

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