solar done the right way

The transition to renewable energy is a big one. But that doesn’t have to come with stress and disruption. At DSD, our mission is to guide you through the process seamlessly … so you can stay focused on business.

We’re with you every step of the way. From before the project kicks off through the full lifespan of the array, we work nonstop to craft and build your ideal solution, provide a superior customer experience, and deliver unmatched value to your organization.

And we never, ever, stop working to get a little bit better every day.


Success starts at the beginning.

The process kicks off with a thorough intake of your needs, goals and concerns, along with a comprehensive review of your energy consumption patterns. Then we start designing a solution that meets your customers’ and site’s needs* and calculate the expected solar energy yield and performance.

From there, we can provide an accurate comparative savings projection; unearth valuable local incentives; review regulations, site constraints and resources; and more. This will kickstart our iterative design process that will be optimized to your unique specifications.

*e.g., Does energy storage make sense for your location? Are your customers demanding electric vehicle (EV) charging stations?

DSD Assessment
Example of efficiency variables we’ll include in assessment and design iteration

Design is at the center of every solar array.

It affects everything from its power and efficiency to its beauty (or lack thereof). That’s why, at DSD, we’re thinking about design from the very beginning.*

Every solar build presents unique challenges and opportunities. DSD’s in-house design team addresses them all. Design is synchronized with all other expertise within DSD — zoning/permits, financing, construction, etc. — so that everything is accounted for, integrated and optimized, as early in the process as possible.

In the end, the DSD design team will create a custom solution that realizes the full potential of your site — in form, function and aesthetics. And, we’ll show you a rendering so accurate, you’ll be stunned when you see the “real thing.”

*Many solar developers farm out their design. Which means they they’re not doing their due diligence up front. It also means they often won’t even look for a designer or engineer until after they’ve won your business. That can affect everything from construction costs to power yield to the look/feel of your array, not to mention it slows down the entire process.


​At DSD, we streamline the financing process.

We have the capability to manage it entirely in-house with a competitive cost of capital. This is thanks to our partners at BlackRock Real Assets and our relationships with premier banking institutions that provide our dedicated project funding.

Many clients can build a renewable energy solution with zero upfront investment. You have the option of owning the asset or offsetting ownership to us. That means DSD assumes the responsibility, maintenance & upkeep — while you enjoy reduced energy costs that are guaranteed for 25 years.

Regardless of how you choose to finance your project, your DSD team will move swiftly to obtain permits, secure incentives, and assess equipment needs — so we can structure a contract that’s ideal for your goals and budget.

Click to enlarge our financing infographic


Now it’s time to make your project a reality … which is no small task.

Regulatory challenges and utility demands differ from state to state, jurisdiction to jurisdiction. The process can be like diving into the deep unknown. The key is to lead with a team of experts who know how to navigate the red tape and get things done.

The DSD Development Team comprises project management professionals with core competencies in natural resource management; civil engineering; land use planning; federal, state and local permitting; interconnection processes; and incentive management. In short, we have the in-house expertise and dedication to handle anything and everything.

Looking to install a ground-mount array over a landfill in Minnesota? Need to build a canopy on top of a parking garage in a high-traffic area in Boston? Whatever challenges your specific project brings, our team is ready.

Site requirements handled by DSD:

“DSD not only thought about energy cost reduction, but about the impact on our operations and long-term residential needs, which made them the ideal partner for us.”

Renée Bernasconi

CEO, Partners Healthcare


At DSD, we have construction
down to a science.

Our goal is to make construction as safe, stress-free and efficient as possible. With so many variables in play, you need a process that accounts for, and mitigates, any type of disruption. That’s why we’ve fine-tuned our process — point by point — over 200+ solar builds. And that’s why we can kick off your project with a strategic roadmap that lays out the steps from Day 1 to launch.

At the center of that process is communication. We leverage top-tier management software, and host weekly status calls, to unearth any potential issues and assure that we’re pacing against schedule. Because like any scientific approach, nothing should be left up to chance.

DSD’s construction process ensures that:

  • All elements of construction are handled 100%
  • Customers and staff are completely protected, always
  • No signage or doorways are ever blocked
  • Site-specific needs (e.g., safety manuals) are incorporated
  • Everything is up to code — at the local, state & federal levels
  • You know everything about your project’s status, at all times
  • Your project will be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible

In preparation for a carport installation for the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital on Cape Cod, the DSD team removed the original parking lot lights and replaced them with generator-powered temp lights, while creating protective paths for the staff and patients arriving in sub-zero temperatures. They did all this in a single afternoon.

operation & maintenance

Your solar array is a 25-year asset.

And DSD is here to ensure that it operates at full efficiency across its lifespan. That requires a comprehensive approach to asset management which other solar providers can’t touch.

At DSD, our asset managers:

  • Check the site twice daily, to ensure efficient operations
  • Scrutinize operations at the site level (where most providers check at a portfolio level, which means a specific site issue may go overlooked)
  • Conduct weekly check-ins, to analyze performance over the last seven days and see areas of performance impact, address issues, look for optimizations
  • Run monthly reports, to check variances against our forecast, assign root cause for any disparities, and adjust accordingly
  • Maintain redundancies at all times, so you’re never without a “safety net”

Plus, all equipment in use is backed by comprehensive DSD Warranty Management.

DSD Warranty Administration
warranty management

Any long-term asset requires long-term protection.

Our warranty management on all Tier-1 equipment means you can feel secure you won’t need to deal with the headache of ensuring all your equipment is working properly. Not only will we administer all equipment and workmanship warranties, we’ll take care of all facets of your solar power system. By including a Production Guarantee with your DSD Service Plan, you insure your solar PV solution against missing energy production targets due to avoidable efficiency losses.

DSD Warranty