3Qs with Danielle Fidel

DSD Danielle FidelThe demand for commercial solar is growing, rapidly. Solar energy accounted for 39% of all new electricity-generating capacity added to the U.S. grid in the first half of 2022. Some solar developers and construction firms are struggling to keep up; especially when they need access to competitive financing early in a deal cycle. This is where great partnerships can make all the difference. We asked our Developer Network Operations Director, Danielle Fidel, to explain how her team is changing the game for these smaller developers.​

​1. What is the Developer Network? And, how is it unique in the solar industry?

It’s a network of developers and EPCs across the country who work hand-in-hand with our in-house team to finance their customers’ projects. It was created to address a major need in the Commercial & Industrial (C&I) solar space — to give regional developers and EPCs reliable access to competitive financing early on in a deal cycle. This allows them to sell, and win, with confidence.

Our partners in the Developer Network also have access to DSD Connect, our online platform that provides instantaneous pricing — plus access to resources like term sheets, form PPA documents and sales collateral. It also allows our partners to access all of DSD’s SMEs and development expertise, so we win together. The goal is to empower developers and EPCs across the U.S. to win more deals by leveraging our competitive PPA and lease solutions for their customers.

2. What is your role at DSD as the Operations Director of the Developer Network?

As Operations Director I am laser focused on making our processes smoother so developers can get from pricing, to award, to contract and beyond without hiccups. It’s about constantly growing and adapting to the needs of our partners, and their customers, and continuing to build out our offerings based on their feedback and needs.

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3. How is the Developer Network, and your work, transforming the industry?

The C&I space has never had reliable, duplicable, competitive financing the way residential has. What we are building here is just that. By putting pricing into the hands of our partners and continuing to build out online processes that help accelerate the sales cycle, we are filling a void in the industry that is oh so necessary.

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