3Qs with Sumitro Kurniawan

Sumitro KurniawanData has been driving the solar energy sector for years. But as 2023 approaches, its impact on renewable energy is set to grow exponentially. With renewables projected to comprise 50% of all energy sources by 2050, harnessing data — for the actionable insights derived from that data — will be critical to the realization of this growth. We spoke with our own Sumitro Kurniawan on how he and his team are leveraging data to help drive DSD’s commercial solar strategy.

1. What is your role as Senior Analyst on the DSD Commercial Operations team?​

Being a data analyst on the commercial operations team, I translate raw data that is collected throughout the organization into actionable business insights. I create analytics tools to empower team members to make data-driven decisions more effectively. My work ranges from creating simple data visualizations, reports and dashboards, to developing more complex data models.

I translate raw data into actionable business insights.

2. How does your work support the larger DSD team?

I help the larger DSD team draw meaningful conclusions from the commercial and operational data, which help shape the commercial strategy. I look for actionable insights and create tools to help the team drive business execution – thus, helping DSD achieve its goals. By letting the data guide our decisions and strategy, we are not only growing the business rapidly, but also smartly and efficiently.

3. How is DSD, and your work, transforming the industry?

The Commercial & Industrial (C&I) customers have different needs from the residential market when it comes to solar assets deployment. By focusing on the C&I space, we can better listen to our customers and serve their specific needs as a long-term partner. Backed by strong financial partners, coupled with continuous innovation and industry-leading team members, we deliver a suite of high-quality products and services that fit best with our customers’ renewable energy needs.

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